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The access and use of the www.revolutioncycle.it Internet website (the “Website”), as well as the access and/or use of the “Revolution” application for mobile devices (the “Revolution App” and, collectively with the Website, the “Platform”) presuppose that you have read and are aware of the terms and conditions shown below which, together with any other page or document to which reference is made herein, form the terms and conditions (collectively, the “Terms and Conditions”) under which Virgin Active Revolution Italia S.r.l. Unipersonale allows to use the Platform. The access and/or surfing on the Platform entail full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions apply to any access and use of the Platform, both by users having previously registered thereto and, in general, by any other person visiting the Platform (the “User”, in the singular, and the “Users”, in the plural) and do not amend, but rather supplement, any possible other legal terms and conditions in force between you and Revolution.

* * *

The Platform is managed by Revolution S.S.D.L.r.l., having registered office in Corsico (Milan), Via Privata Archimede 2, Tax Code and VAT No. 09634340963, a company having a Sole Quotaholder belonging to the Virgin Active Group (“Revolution”), doing business in Italy in managing facilities, under the “Revolution” sign and trademark, where indoor cycling functional training services are supplied (the “Services”).


You must create an account to use the specific Platform features and/or sections (the “Account”), by choosing your username and password, and by supplying all the information requested through the Platform.
You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your access data and of all activities carried out through your Account unless you communicate, by providing us with evidence to such extent, that it is and/or has been used by third parties without your consent.  If so, you undertake to immediately inform Revolution, to the contact details given below, whenever you suspect or become aware of any unauthorised use or of any unlawful disclosure of the data to access your Account.
In no way will Revolution be liable towards you and/or towards your assigns and towards third parties for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, including the losses and costs incurred as a result of any service suspensions or interruptions. In any event, you undertake to indemnify and hold Revolution harmless from any demand a claim by any way raised, even by third parties, in connection with the Platform’s use.
Revolution may delete or suspend your Account at any time and without any notice whatsoever, if:
(i) it reasonably deems that you are using the Account in breach of these Terms and Conditions;
(ii) it reasonably deems that a third party is using your Account without your consent;
(iii) it deems it reasonably necessary to delete or suspend your Account for security or maintenance purposes;
(iv) the Account has not been used on the Platform for a consecutive period of 2 (two) years.
You may delete your Account at any time, by having access to the specific Platform area.
In no way may Revolution be held liable for any damage or trouble arising out of any suspension or interruption in accessing the Website and/or the Revolution App for any reason whatsoever.


To improve your surfing experience and the Services offered, the Platform is under continuous development and, therefore, the layout, graphics and/or features of the Website and/or of the Revolution App may change from time to time, without it being possible for Revolution to warn you before any such changes and the relevant contents.
In such context and, in any event, whenever it is necessary to be aligned with the law and regulatory provisions in force, the content of these Terms and Conditions may also be amended, either in full or in part and, therefore, you are kindly invited to access this section regularly to check from time to time the most updated version of the Terms and Conditions.


Revolution is the owner and, in any event, the licensee of any copyright or of any other intellectual or industrial property right in any way connected with the Services, as well as of any audio-video material, work and/or document in general included in the Platform (collectively, the “Material”), as well as of any other trademark, logo, or distinguishing mark referred to the Virgin Active Group (including domain names) and/or in any event referable thereto (the “Trademarks”).
Both the Material and the Trademarks are protected by the laws on copyright, by the provisions under Legislative Decree No. 30/2005, as well as by the international treaties in force in Italy and worldwide and, therefore, any right thereover not expressly authorised under these Terms and Conditions will be prohibited.
The copy, in full or in part, direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, of the Material and/or of the Trademarks, in any way whatsoever, will be prohibited. Nonetheless, you may print and download one or more pages of the Material, to the extent that it is for strictly personal use and, thus, unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity, and provided that such copy and download activities are carried out for lawful purposes and, in general, in compliance with the entire intellectual property rights of Revolution and/or of Virgin Active Group companies.
It is also hereby understood that you may not be granted with any intellectual property or licence right for the sole fact of having drawn Material and/or Trademarks from the Platform, the use and/or display of which will be expressly prohibited (unless upon the express prior written authorisation of Revolution and/or of the holder of the right).
In any event, it will be prohibited for you to alter or to make any changes to all or part of the Material and/or of the Trademarks (be it on paper or digital), as well as to use the images, pictures, logos/trademarks and any other audio-video document for purposes not expressly authorised in writing by Revolution.
Any use of the Material, of the Trademarks and/or, in any event, of the Platform in breach of these Terms and Conditions will lead to the suspension of your Account with the resulting discontinuance of your access to and of your use of the Platform.  At Revolution’s full discretion, you may be requested to return or destroy any printed or downloaded material in connection with the Services.


Revolution undertakes no liability whatsoever in connection with the contents, information and, in general, with the entire material on the Platform, which has been published with the sole intent to be material of general information.
Therefore, in no way may Revolution be held liable for any damage or loss related to or connected with the Platform’s use or however arising out of information, documentation and/or material included in the Platform itself (or included and/or cross-referenced in the/by third parties’ websites).


Revolution processes and manages your personal data in compliance with the Privacy Policy published on the Platform. To consult our Privacy and Cookie Policy click here.


If allowed by the Website and/or by the Revolution App to enjoy the Services better, you may upload and share information, texts, material and/or other documentation in general with other users, provided that they are lawful, not against law provisions or against morality or, in any event, unless they may be deemed detrimental to the privacy or to the rights of third parties in general (the “Material”).
You hereby declare to exploit the Material at your own risk, notwithstanding your own exclusive liability in connection with the respective use (in respect of which you hereby represent and warrant to have full legal title thereto) and in no way may Revolution be held liable in any way whatsoever for the content of the Material, since it is under no obligation to check the content of any such Material.
In any event, you undertake the entire liability and burden as regards the content of the Material spread through the Platform and you commit to indemnify Revolution for any third party claim or action resulting from the disclosure of the Material.
The Material, as well as any possible further information you may upload and/or in any event share within the Platform (save for the personal data to be processed in compliance with the above) will be deemed “non-confidential” and “non-proprietary”.  Revolution will thus be authorised to acquire any copy, spread, disclose and, in any event, use such Material for all purposes, either commercial or not.


You hereby expressly undertake and accept not to send any type of material to/from the Platform which may be detrimental to Revolution, to its customers and/or to third parties in general.  Reference is made herein, by way of example but without any limitation whatsoever, to material containing virus, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, defective components and/or other software of harmful or damaging content.
In no way may Revolution be deemed liable for any damage or trouble connected with or in any event related to this type of harmful material which may potentially find its own way into the mobile devices and/or into the Users’ operating systems due to a wrong use of the Platform, of the material included therein and of the other related websites, if any.


You may create a link to the Website’s Home Page only and/or to the Revolution App exclusively upon Revolution’s prior written authorisation to such extent, exclusively provided that it is not detrimental to any intellectual property right or to any other right of Revolution and/or of third parties or which, in any event, does not breach any laws, regulations, the public order or morality, without however being possible to be able to give rise to the public’s mistaken belief as to the existence of any collaboration or employment relationship, or the like, between you and Revolution.
It is hereby understood that the link may not be activated from a website that you do not manage (or to which you have no title) and must be limited to the Website’s Home Page and/or to the Revolution App.
In any event, Revolution hereby reserves the right to challenge the activation of the link to the Website and/or to the Revolution App as well as to revoke, at any time and without any notice whatsoever, the User’s right to create the link to the Website and/or to the Revolution App, as well as the right to take any other necessary measure (or, in any event, any other appropriate measure based on the specific circumstances), even if only part of this provision is breached.
In this respect, you undertake to fully indemnify Revolution for any damage which may be incurred as a result of the breach of this provision.


Revolution may propose any links to third party websites included in the Platform to make surfing easier, making the links simple and, in any event, only to inform the User, who will abandon the Website by using them.
Revolution does not carry out any check and/or control related activity on the third party websites cross-referenced by the Platform and, therefore, in no way may Revolution be held liable for their content, for their availability of use, for how they are managed and, more in general, for any possible damage related to their use by you. You thus freely decide to access such websites at your own risk and under your own responsibility.
Therefore, we hereby kindly invite you to pay the utmost attention in connecting to such websites through the links included in the Platform and to read any possible document referred to the terms and conditions of use and to the safeguard and protection of the personal data carefully.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. Notwithstanding the jurisdiction of the consumer’s natural Courts, provided you may be classified as such based on applicable laws and regulations, and notwithstanding any other mandatory law limits, the Courts of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute connected with these Terms and Conditions.

* * *

For any further information and/or request in connection with these Terms and Conditions, with the Services and/or with Revolution in general, you may write to us to the following Certified Email System (PEC): revolutionssdlrl@legalmail.it.


 (U.V. 15.02.2018)

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