This Internal Regulation sets forth the main rules of conduct and for running the Studios managed by Revolution S.S.D.L.r.l. (“Revolution”), and supplements the contents of the General Terms and Conditions of the Revolution Service.


General Rules of Conduct 

Let yourself carry away by the Revolution experience, by strictly abiding by all instructions given by our Revolution Staff to ensure your security, safety and peaceful training, as well as the security, safety and peaceful training of the other riders in the Studio.


Always keep a proper behaviour that respects both customers and our Revolution Staff and, more in general, third parties in the Studio. We thus ask you to avoid any offensive or aggressive behaviour, or any behaviour causing trouble and/or endangering the other people in the Studio. Please note that Revolution assesses any violent conduct and any type of verbal and/or physical aggression in a very strict manner and, based on the seriousness of the specific case, Revolution may assess whether to reprimand you or, if necessary, send you away and, in this latter case, Revolution would prevent you from having access to our Studios in the future.   


Revolution has the health and wellbeing of its own riders at heart and, for such reason, Revolution takes drug-taking and the like very seriously. It is thus strictly prohibited to use, or even only introduce, drugs, alcoholic drinks, dopants and, in any event illegal substances. It is also strictly prohibited to use electronic cigarettes or similar devices.


The Studios have specific changing rooms and lockers that you may freely use during your ride. Please remember that lockers are not watched over. Therefore, please do not bring valuables with you.


For safety reasons, our Revolution Staff will check the lockers still occupied each evening, by opening them and by removing the objects left there beyond the permitted time. Please ask our Revolution Staff to get any possible object removed or lost, which will remain at the Studio for 10 (ten) days following the respective removal or retrieval.


Attendance to the ride 


To attend a ride, you must book it on the website or through our Revolution App. At your first ride, please remember to submit an appropriate and valid medical certificate, after having done the relevant ECG, at the Studio’s reception.


If it is your first time trying this type of training, please inform your Master Rider before starting your ride.


Revolution is a revolutionary fitness & cycling experience. To live it fully, and for your safety and for the safety of the other riders it is of the utmost importance that you arrive on time.


Attendance to the ride is permitted until 5 (five) minutes after the beginning of the ride and, in case of delay of more than 5 (five) minutes, you may no longer attend the ride. For the same reasons, if you need to leave the ride before the end of the training, please kindly inform your Master Ride before the beginning of the ride.


To face your rides in the best possible way, it is of the utmost importance that you are well hydrated. Drink a lot and, if necessary, take some saline supplements before, during and after the ride.


We advise you to use cotton clothes or clothes made of other technical fabric for this type of training (e.g. cyclist shorts). In any case, for your safety, avoid using shoes and clothing items that could get in your way or get entangled in your bike.


Our Studios are organised in such a way as to make you fully enjoy the Revolution experience and your Ride.  For such reason, it is prohibited to move the bikes and to use mobile phones during the training.


Respect the riders arriving after you: always use a towel for hygiene purposes and, at the end of your ride, please kindly clean the bike with the cleansers made available, and please kindly release the handlebar and the saddle and put them on the floor.


Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts or if you need any clarification. Our Revolution Staff are at your disposal! 


(L.V. 15.02.2018)


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